Top 5 Must-Visit Best Places New York City



New York is the heart of the US (UNITED STATES) due to the popularity of these famous places it is the Hot Spot for tourists. There are many reasons behind New York by ranking as the top state. We can define reasons one by one but in this specific article. I’m only discussing why the City of New York become much popular that everyone wants to visit and enjoy? What are the reasons behind this? we’ll discuss the reasons & plus points of such fame of New York in the world? Let’s start and discuss one by one.
There are 5 best places in New York named as:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Central Park
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Times Square

1: Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty under cloudy sky during daytime

Statue of Liberty is the 1st place in New York that most visited by the audience of local & foreign people. It’s a symbol of freedom that was built in1886. This Is the world’s largest statue that standing under 152 feet long with a weight of 450,000.
3 reasons that people love the statue of liberty:

  • It’s mostly known as lady liberty. An island named, liberty island of 14 acres in upper New York Bey.
  • Lady liberty shows liberation as the roman goodness of freedom and independent living.
  • Its shows the real meaning of American. This is the symbol for American as a nation.

2: Central Park

Central Park is a long-range, with different pathways of crossing in New York City. This park is in the center of New York city with width & length of half a mile & 2.5 miles respectively. In New York City, the park provides a great experience of attraction, glorious look within its boundary. Pick this park on the map & see a great outlook of nature.

brown trees near high rise buildings during daytime

3: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The metropolitan museum of art founded in 1870. This is the most popular museum of the united starts that located in the city of new york. This museum contains a collection of more than 2 million, saved from the last 5000 years. This museum contains the 2 sites. This museum highlights the multiple collections of art, arms, musical instruments, photographs & much more. If you want to know then visit & inform us via comments. This museum contains the world’s famous work of the public.

view photography of museum interior

One more thing that I wanna describe Is THE MET CLOISTERS. It Is located in the front or park & much popular in new York as well as the united states. The address is 1000 5th avenue, new York. If you have time & willing to visit then remember this address.


The most proper building that attracts every visitor that visits it on any social media is the empire state building. Its landmark building is the main key point of tourism. Its height is around 381 meters & contains 102 stories that much big in its size. This building becomes the symbol of new york city (NYC) when it opened in 1931.

cityscapes scenery

5: Times Square

Times Square is the spot to go in New York, in the night, but fascinating any time of day. It is surrounded by big, brilliant-lit posters and monitors. The square and adjoining streets are full of people. New Year’s Eve and the renowned “ball drop.” at midnight. Times Square is hectic and often overcrowded, yet has a special attraction. Bleachers placed up through one side are an excellent location to pause & enjoy the sights.

firetruck on town square

Times Square was dubbed just after Ny Times Tower in 1904, previously Longacre Square. The first highlights in the magazine were published in 1928, following its move, also in the globe of its type.

Address: Broadway and 7th Avenue, New York, USA


Infect such places are all over the world. But we need time to find out by traveling & discovering. We just know those places that are already defined & hold in the market. We need to try to find such places that are not well known on the world of internet but have various varieties in nature. In this way, we can find many more places in any country.

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