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Growing a beard is nothing short of masculine, yet some people struggle with it due to their sensitive skin. Fortunately, despite such little inconveniences, there are techniques to color your beard and keep it looking fresh.

We’re talking about beard dyes for those with delicate, damaged, or dry skin. We’ve reviewed 10 of the finest beard colors in our review, as well as a complete purchasing guide, so make sure to read both.

Let’s get into the reviews without further ado:

Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin

True Sons Intense Gray Coverage Foam Hair Dye for Men

True Sons’ strong gray coverage dye for guys is our top choice. It comes in seven distinct hues, including auburn, brown-black, dark brown, filthy blond, light brown, medium brown, and black, and may be used on both hair and beard.

True Sons’ color is lasting, thanks to its powerful, natural composition. The dye itself is absolutely safe for those with sensitive skin, however, the Dye Booster should be used with caution (which comes as a complementary feature).

This dye is sold as “gray covering” dye in some corners of various internet marketplaces. Although this color is effective in covering gray hairs, it is also suitable for men of all ages.


  • There are seven distinct colors to choose from.
  • Strong recipe
  • Complementary dye booster for faster results
  • Permanent hair and beard coloring


  • It is rather costly.

Cremo No Mess 2 in 1 Hair and Beard Color

Cremo’s ‘No Mess’ two-in-one hair and beard dye is a liquid colorer that comes in seven color possibilities, including different variants of black, brown, blond, and ginger hair hues, exactly like our previous pick.

The nicest part about this beard dye is that you don’t have to combine it with other goods or features; it’s ready to use right away and is very simple to use. Furthermore, it has a gentle yet long-lasting composition that is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


  • It’s really simple to use
  • There’s no need to mix it with additional ingredients or products
  • It comes in seven distinct colors


  • It’s a recipe that takes a long time to work.

Dark Brown Henna Beard & Hair Dye for Men

Hennas are a little different from conventional hair color shampoos in that they’re produced entirely of natural components. For example, The Henna Guys’ dark brown henna color for hair, beard, and mustache is gluten-free, non-GMO, raw, vegan, and organically produced.

It is ideal for those with sensitive skin because it does not include any artificial ingredients. It may take a few applications to achieve your preferred hue, but it’s long-lasting and doesn’t cause rashes, irritation, or another discomfort. 


  • Henna that is gluten-free, non-GMO, chemical-free, and vegan
  • Henna that lasts a long time


  • Take time to beard dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye may seem rough and masculine, but it’s actually a highly versatile beard dye that can be used on many skin types, including irritated, damaged, dry, and sensitive skin.

The primary difference between Grizzly Mountain dye and comparable products is that it works naturally and is comprised of organic ingredients. While most all-natural dyes have a similar set of ingredients, this color works in a more natural, slower manner.

The only disadvantage of this beard dye is that it must be diluted with water and Grizzly Mountain Dye Organic Base before use. 


  • Completely organic and natural
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting formula 


  • Grizzly Mountain Organic Base must be diluted in water before use (comes as a complementary feature)

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

The cream hair dye from RefectoCil is essentially a bottle of organic natural brown hair color. Naturally, it comes in a variety of color options, including graphite, natural brown, and pure black. If you want to make a new shade, you’ll have to dilute it with water and mix other models together.

It has a creamy texture and is simple to use, but what sets it apart from comparable products is that it can be used on hair, beards, mustaches, and brows. 


  • Strong and fast-acting formula
  • Natural ingredients
  • Simple to use
  • For eyebrows, hair, and beard 


  • Only three colors are available.

Bigen Hoyu Permanent Powder Hair Color

Bigen Hoyu’s hair powder color is a long-lasting, all-organic hair and beard color. Dark auburn, chocolate, light chestnut, medium chestnut, dark chestnut, rich medium brown, dark brown, black-brown, blue-black, oriental black, and deep burgundy are just a few of the color possibilities available.

In addition, you’ll receive a complimentary tint applicator comb to help you apply the color precisely. You can use it on damaged, dry, irritated, or sensitive skin if you dilute it in water first. 


  • Comes with a complimentary tint applicator
  • Lasts a long time; comes in a variety of colors
  • Extremely simple to use


  • It’s too powerful to use undiluted.

Just for Men Mustache & Beard Coloring

It’s too powerful to use undiluted. Just For Men’s mustache and beard coloring dye is next on the list. This dye is available in four distinct color choices and may be used on both hair and beard.

This hair color has a gel-like consistency and is best applied with a brush. It’s not overpowering and may be applied directly to the skin, even if it’s sensitive. Just For Men’s hair dye has a number of advantages, including being simple to apply and is reasonably priced.


  • Four primary hues and a variety of shades are available.
  • Extremely simple to use and appl
  • Long-lasting, reliable performance


  • Only a few uses; a single pack

Taykoo Beard Color Cream Gel

One of the most powerful formulations in the beard coloring business is Taykoo’s beard color cream-gel. A single box is only good for around four usages, but the results will last for months each time you apply it to your beard.

There is no peroxide, ammonia, or other artificial ingredients in the mix; it is totally organic and natural. You must dilute the gel with water and utilize it within a five-minute time limit (or the effects will slightly diminish). 


  •  Long-lasting effects
  •  Highly powerful composition
  •  Simple to use


  • Must be used right away after diluting


This is another one-of-a-kind product, as different from the rest of the market as Hairprint, and comparable in some respects in that the producers say it will restore your natural pre-grey hair color — but the effects aren’t immediate. It’s a transitional product that takes up to a fortnight to function and requires daily usage at initially.

It works by introducing an enzyme (G-reductase) into the root to remove oxygen from melanin, a natural process that is typically carried out by an enzyme we manufacture called catalase, which has become deficient in the roots of grey hair. To put it another way, it replicates the mechanism through which your body maintains its hair color. However, it cannot be used on colored or hennaed hair. It includes petrochemical derivatives, glycerin, a silver salt (anti-dandruff and anti-bacterial), a copper salt, lanolin (to assist fight any beard mites that diminish the efficacy of the treatment) and a pine scent (limonene, coumarin), but no ammonia, peroxide, or PPD.


  • it’s free from ammonia PPD and peroxide
  • Harsh chemical free choice


  • take time for coverage

Just for Men Touch of Gray

Touch of Gray by Just For Men is a great beard and hair color for adults and the elderly. This dye batch has a pre-mixed solution that is gentle enough to be used on delicate or injured skin.

It not only lasts a long time, but it also shows results within minutes of use. Furthermore, it is also accessible at a low cost.


  • Adults and the elderly will benefit from the pre-mixed formula’s
  • long-lasting and quick-acting benefits. 


  • It can only be used a few times

Zenia Indigo Powder

Zenia’s Indigo Powder is the last model on our list. In essence, Zenia’s Indigo dye is similar to The Henna Brothers’ concept, with the distinction that it lasts far longer.

There are no chemicals, peroxides, preservatives, or other artificial or non-organic components in Indigo dye or most Henna kinds, therefore there are no similarities. You’ll need to dilute it with water before using it, but it’s typically simple to use. 


  • Very easy to apply • Long-lasting and chemical-free
  • Can be used several times (each box has 100 grams of Indigo powder)


  • Must be diluted before usage.

Buying Guide for Beard Dye

What to Look for in a Sensitive Skin Beard Dye

Take the following factors into consideration while looking for the finest beard coloring for sensitive skin:

Type of Beard dye

There are varying levels of skin sensitivity, and you should experiment with several varieties to discover the one that best suits you. Hennas are the mildest, and throughout the dilution process, you get to pick the amounts.

Beard color pastes and gels are a little more powerful, but they last a little longer and tend to operate a little faster. 

Color –The use

Some people seek to disguise their gray hairs, while others just want to modify the color of their beard. There are specialist dyes designed to hide gray hairs; they are typically the mildest, but they work quickly and persist for months.

If you want to modify the color of your beard, we recommend using beard pastes and beard gel colors. 

Diluted and undiluted dyes | Colors

There are a variety of beard dye models that need to be diluted or mixed before usage. Even while this does not always influence their efficacy, each type has its own set of advantages.

Dilution-required dye models are typically a little “harder” to employ in the sense that they need a little more time and effort to apply. On the other hand, you’ll be able to control the amount of water (mix) and therefore the dye’s intensity.

If the dye is too harsh and gritty for your skin, diluting it with a little more water can make it more appropriate for your skin while sacrificing the fast-acting benefits.

Price – Is it worth?

Because the price is always a deciding issue, you must consider how much money you are prepared to spend on your beard color. There are boutique models that cost far over $50; while they provide the finest performance, some individuals may not consider them to be the best bang for their dollars. Of course, there are several cheap versions available for only a few dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What characteristics distinguish a beard color that is good for delicate skin?

Traditionally, colors have been produced with preservatives and other compounds. These non-organic ingredients make them more efficient and last longer, but they can cause rashes and skin irritation. If a beard color is composed entirely of organic ingredients, it is safe to use on sensitive skin. 

Is there a variety of beard colors to choose from?

There are many varieties of beard dyes, despite the fact that they all serve the same function. There are beard coloring gels, for example, that are similar to conventional hair colors. The main difference between bear dye in tubes and pastes is that the texture is somewhat different.

There are other Henna dyes that must be diluted and combined with anything else (which usually comes along with the bundle as a complementary feature).

Is it possible to color my beard directly?

Hennas, on the other hand, cannot be used directly with regular beard color shampoos, pastes, or gels. 

Is it possible to use beard dyes on hair as well?

Most bear dyes are safe to use on hair, beards, mustaches, and eyebrows in general, but you should always check the instructions provided by the maker. If nothing else is stated, consider that your beard dye is only intended for use on beards.

Should I use my hands to emulsify beard dye or do I need some specific tools?

Gel and paste colors may be applied directly in most cases. Most other forms of beard dyes don’t require any particular equipment, but you’ll need to dilute Hennas in water and combine them with a base if you’re using it. They aren’t ready to use right out of the package.

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