Best 4 Free Keyword Research Tools Used by Experts

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research is the main factor of ranking in any search engine. Keyword research gets trend after covid. Before covid, most people unaware of these tools but seo experts were well known about them. In this article, we shall know about the best free Keyword Research tools. Here are lists of all tools. 

Google Keyword Planner:

The world’s best, free & authentic tool for Keyword Research. This is the tool of google ads (Edward). Here you can get an overview of a keyword. Its use is very simple. You need to make an account & go to keyword planner. This tool provides you following things.

  • Average monthly searches 
  • Keyword competition 
  • Ad impressions 
  •  Low bidding rate 
  • Hight bidding rate 
  • Account Status 
  • Competition indexed value 
  •  Organic impressions 
  •  Organic average Position 

This tool also provides a beta version where you can check about the keyword is a brand or not, IP address & IP location. Just type your keyword & get result about it.

Google Trends: 

It’s the 2nd keyword research product of google that provides you with live searches of a specific topic. Google trends are a fabulous tool that able you to search a keyword with various comparisons just like 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, etc. This tool provides you an authentic comparison in graphic format. For example, take two keywords “health & sports”. Let’s take a comparison about it.

When we search it shows the following filters: 

  • Country 
  • Period 

You can choose a certain period like 1 day, 1 week, 1 year for searches. 

• Category 

It also provides you a list of categories where you want to research your keyword.

• Google property 

You can check search results for 3 platforms: • Web This property is only provided by paid tools but google offers you for free. You can check search for:

  • YouTube 
  • Websites 
  • News Images 
  • Shopping 
  • Sub region 

It also shows your subregion. Menas if you’re searching by selecting the USA, you’ll see all the top search countries.

Related topics & queries : 

It provides you all the related searching topics about your query. After that in the next section, it shows your topic-related best queries which help you to read that queries to make your topic clear. 

Trending Searches: 

Get all world trending news & topic to write a blog post on any trendy topic. This tool gives you complete info on trending searches. You can explore many things using this tool.

Ahref | Keyword Generator:

In ahref, you can search for the following platforms:

  • Google 
  • Being 
  • YouTube
  • Amazon 

You can search deeply for these platforms. Just go & enjoy.

Moz | Keyword Dictionary:

Moz also facilitates you to stay & search about keywords. This is a free as well as a paid tool. You need to signup before searching for anything. Just give your name, email address & signup. Then you’re able to do Keyword Research using Moz


This tool is pretty much similar to Moz. You’ve to create an account if you want to do any keyword research. Go, make an account & try also feedback us about these tools.


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