How to Restore & Backup an iPhone? Explained

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A backup in your phone as well as in your life is very important. Because when we suddenly get any problem, if we have a backup then we don’t lose much data but if we don’t have then we are at the starting point. So that’s why we need a backup so that if we get any problem then we do not lose all the data & information. So if you’re a user of an iPhone & lose all your … Continue reading “How to Restore & Backup an iPhone? Explained”

How to Get SEO Domain Name? Explained Step By Step

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Do you know the importance of SEO domain name? Most new bloggers did a big mistake when they buy the domain name for their website. They didn’t do domain name research, when they create a blog & want to rank by seo then they didn’t get any result due to these mistakes.So must read this article before buying a domain name. Everyone looking for ways to quickly rank on Google’s 1st page on specific keywords. Google itself didn’t describe any … Continue reading “How to Get SEO Domain Name? Explained Step By Step”

Best 4 Free Keyword Research Tools Used by Experts

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Keyword Research is the main factor of ranking in any search engine. Keyword research gets trend after covid. Before covid, most people unaware of these tools but seo experts were well known about them. In this article, we shall know about the best free Keyword Research tools. Here are lists of all tools.  Google Keyword Planner: The world’s best, free & authentic tool for Keyword Research. This is the tool of google ads (Edward). Here you can get an overview … Continue reading “Best 4 Free Keyword Research Tools Used by Experts”

What is Blogging? | Make Money by Blogging

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In a situation like a pandemic, people are looking for ways to make money online. But most of them just are aware of few ways to make money online. But an authentic & passive way to make money online is blogging. By blogging, you can make a lot of money to secure your future. So, let’s find about blogging.  What is a blog? A blog is an informational website where visitors can read anything published on that specific blog. It’s a platform where writers or groups of writers share their ideas … Continue reading “What is Blogging? | Make Money by Blogging”

Affordable Drones with Obstacle Avoidance

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The drone market has shifted. Drones were already a huge business, and they had been for a long time. They had gone from being specialist military equipment to consumer-affordable goods used for anything from photography to construction to entertainment in only a decade. How can a new drone stand out in such a crowded market? Was there any place for high-end drones to go in terms of technology? Obstacle avoidance, a new technology that’s fast becoming the benchmark that distinguishes … Continue reading “Affordable Drones with Obstacle Avoidance”


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HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIP GLOSS Lip gloss is convenient, attractive, and quick to apply, but it can also be sticky and smeary. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to these issues that can allow you to keep your shine. Exfoliate You’ll end up with dry, flaky skin instead of a smooth surface to cling to if you don’t exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliating lips with a toothbrush is our favorite (and simplest!) method. Brush your toothbrush around your lips in a circular … Continue reading “BEST LIP GLOSS TUBE | HOW TO MAKE LIP GLOSS”