How to Get SEO Domain Name? Explained Step By Step

Domain Name

Do you know the importance of SEO domain name?

Most new bloggers did a big mistake when they buy the domain name for their website. They didn’t do domain name research, when they create a blog & want to rank by seo then they didn’t get any result due to these mistakes.
So must read this article before buying a domain name.

Everyone looking for ways to quickly rank on Google’s 1st page on specific keywords. Google itself didn’t describe any ranking ways but experts suggest these ways to rank.
Usually, every person tries to rank on its specific keyword. But ranking is not about your web page speed, content seo, etc. It’s a fully planed process. Every ranked website on a specific keyword is not rank in the day. It takes time & consumes your efforts. There are around 200+ ranking factors but here we shall know about the importance of SEO domain name. So in this article, we shall discuss 1 of the ranking factor.

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What is a Domain Name?

The specific name that you choose for your website/blog is known as a domain name. For example, if you want to create a site in health then you may choose these domain names: These are counterexamples of domain names. Now let’s talk about SEO domain name.

SEO Domain Name:

Search engine optimized (SEO) domain name. These types of domain names are different from general domain names. Search engine optimized domain name contains your niche/category name with low compilation but high in demand. In other words, you need keyword research for the seo domain name.

How to do keyword research for a domain name?

For better research, use Google keyword planner to get ideas about your keywords. I’ll try to convey it quickly by taking an example.
Let’s take the keyword “health” & see the result. Google keyword planner shows that there are around 100k(100000) to 1million searches monthly with low competition. Keywords having monthly searches above than 1k(1000) with low competition can rank easily.

So now back to our domain name. If our niche of the web is related to health then it’s important to have this keyword in your domain name.
Here are your keywords in your domain name.

Benefits of seo domain name:

As you have seen that we found a ranking keyword that would help when we write an article on it. This main benefit of keywords in the domain name is when users search about health there are many chances that users searching your web or topic. This creates a problem for Google but Google shows both web & topic.
As our analysis, health topic searches 100k to 1 million times & if we use this keyword in domain name then it increate our ranking chances. In this way, it helps us to rank in search results. Must Remember: Keywords having monthly searches above 1k (1000) is enough to rank but the main condition is that keywords must have low competition.


I’ll conclude it in this way if you want to become a successful blogger & want to make money then every minor strategy important for you related to the search engine. Because Google ranks you when you fulfill its requirements otherwise you can never rank. When you didn’t rank, you spread negative feedback about it. So it’s important to learn all things related to the search engine.

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