How to Make Yogurt? Make Yogurt at Home

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Have you tried to make yogurt?

Yogurt is being used on daily basis for hundreds of years. Because it’s very nutritious and beneficial for health. Also if you eat it on daily basis it boosts the strength of your immune system as compared to the normal person who doesn’t eat. Yogurt reduces the risk of diseases mainly heart disease. It contains a lot of calcium that is used to make our teeth and bones healthy. It also contains vitamins especially vitamin b12 that help to get rid of heart diseases.  

How to make yogurt at home?

There are many ways to make yogurt. But the best, easy & natural way is defined in this article So let’s start without wasting time & know how you can make yogurt at home by following these simple steps.    

1: Heat the Milk

Our 1st step is to heat the milk 165 to 185 degrees (F). By heating, we get rid of dangerous bacteria. Also, we get healthy yogurt by heating. The heating factor contains many benefits like we can test whether the milk is ready to make yogurt or not. If we didn’t heat then we get yogurt that gives birth to various diseases & can’t know the condition of milk.

2: Cool the Milk 

After killing all the gum from milk, now put the milk to decrease its temperature up to 110-115 (F). You Can use a thermometer to find the exact temperature, otherwise, the yogurt will be sliming. higher temperature will cause to kill the bacteria of the starter and a lower temperature will not help to set the yogurt.
the normal thermometer will not help to find the temperature over 110 therefore use one of the following thermometers

To Cool it down you can put it in the freezer or you can use stir to cool down.

3: Add Starter Culture (Active Culture Bacteria) to Milk

This is a major part of yogurt making. If you did a small mistake then you can’t the actual result. Now in this step, you need to add 3 tablespoons of yogurt (Starter Culture or Active culture) to 1 cup of milk. This is the main ratio that you need to know. You can simply remember it as a 3 by 1 ratio. If you increase the amount of any material then you’ve to face its results.

After adding 3 by 1 quantities, you need to spread the bacteria in overall milk. You can use different starters here are the few starters you can buy.

Finding The starter

Powdered Starter Culture:

While you will not discover them at each supermarket, powdered cultures will in general have set measures of live microscopic organisms and hence perform reliably. Powdered cultures can be found at some staple and wellbeing food stores, or online. here are some best-powdered starters

Cultures for Health Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture: this is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy, Probiotic-Dense Plain Vegan Yogurt.

Buy form Near buy Store:
you can purchase a modest quantity of yogurt from a Grocery Store close by or online

the yogurt bought should not be flavored or Sweet, however, the fat substance doesn’t make any difference. Preferably, the yogurt shouldn’t have any added substances or thickeners, however, these will be weakened so much once you join them with milk that it’s not the apocalypse if there’s a little gelatin or another thickener.

Past Batch of Homemade Yogurt:

Since I’ve been making yogurt for such a long time, I basically use [some of] my past batch to vaccinate the following, all things considered, you can just do this around six to multiple times before the causticity balance gets off and another, a new culture will be required

4.  Incubate

When your milk and starter are well mixed, all that is left is to keep the yogurt at a consistent temperature (110°F to 115°F). you need to leave it for 5 to 10 hours, which permits the great Becterias to prosper. Let it be, undisturbed, for the whole time. be accomplished with a yogurt machine, most of the new Pressure cookers have yogurt making option, we already reviewed some of the best pressure cookers you also check them.

During incubation, don’t move or jar the blend. Stick it in a warm spot and do not touch it.

After 5 or 10 hours/ when you think it’s done then put it in the freezer to get cool then see your efforts.   


Google is full of different ways that help to make the yogurt but mostly we get the issue in those methods. This is a fully pure, organic & natural method to get yogurt. Adopt this method then see results. Also, must reply to us via comments. Follow Us.

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