How to Restore & Backup an iPhone? Explained

A backup in your phone as well as in your life is very important. Because when we suddenly get any problem, if we have a backup then we don’t lose much data but if we don’t have then we are at the starting point. So that’s why we need a backup so that if we get any problem then we do not lose all the data & information. So if you’re a user of an iPhone & lose all your data then please read & follow the given instructions. So let get started!

Different Ways to Backup an iPhone:

How to Backup using iCloud?

Just follow these steps & backup easily.

  • Go to setting > icloud> backup.
  • Turn on an iCloud backup. In this way, iPhone easily takes a backup of your phone on daily basis.
  • If you want to do mannualy then, tap backup now.

So now if you want to see where your backup is placed, then go to setting >icloud>manange storage>backuos. If you want to delete any backup then click & delete.

How to Backup using MAC?

  • please connect your iPhone with your pc before moving to set.
  • In the sidebar, select your iPhone. to use the finder, you must have a macOS 10.15. with the earlier version, you need iTunes to back up the site.
  • At the top, click general.
  • Now select ” backup all the data in mac”
  • if you want to protect it go to “encrypt local backup”.
  • click the backup now.

How to Backup using Windows:

  • connect your iPhone with windows.
  • Now go to pc and find its app. then click the button at the top left iTunes window.
  • Click on the summary.
  • Click Backup Now.

in this way you can backup easily.

How to Restore iPhone?

After saving successfully a backup now we learn how to restore it.

Via iCloud backup:

  • go to setting> general> software update. If a new version comes then install it now.
  • go to setting>manage storage>backups. Then lists of backup appear in front of you. Now select the date of the backup.
  • go to setting>general>then you need to erase all the content.
  • after erasing, signing to your applied.

In this way, you can easily take a backup n& restore your iPhone.

Restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that needs a newer version of iOS or  iPadOS – Apple Support

After Setting What happened!

  • Your saved setting starting restoring from the iCloud backup that you choose.
  • Your device restart & start downloading all of your content that saved in backup. It takes a little time to upgrade all the apps new version etc.
  • Your purchased content automatically downloaded for itunes store.
  • In some countries, all the content can’t be download automatically.
  • Also your purchases may not br available. In that case, you need to connect with customer support.
  • Sometimes you may ask to enter your apple id to purchase the content from iTunes store.
  • If you purchase from different apple IDs then yo need to enter each password of apple id.
  • Your downloading progress bar shown below the home screen icon.
  • If you want to check your restoration is completed to not then follow these steps. Go to setting>iCloud>iCloud backup.If your device still restoring then you it will rigger this message ” This (device) is currently being restored & automatically backup when it done”.

How to transfer data from old to new iPhone?

  1. Make sure that you’re using latest version of itunes on your pc or Mac.
  2. Go to itunes.
  3. Attach old iphone with pc.
  4. Give access to any message trigger.
  5. Select your iphone on your top menu.
  6. If you want to move securely data then click encrypt backup.
  7. Set a new password for your current backup.
  8. Now click backup.

When the backup is downloaded successfully the attached a new iPhone where you want to transfer data.

  1. Turn on your iphone screen.
  2. Please follow all the insrtuction untill unless you reach Apps & Data.
  3. Attach your new iphone with pc.
  4. Open itunes & select new device.
  5. Click on restore backup.
  6. Now select your backup.
  7. If it shows your backup encrypted then please enter your password.
  8. Now make sure your connection until restoration.

These are the steps that you need to follow. Try & go ahead.

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