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In a situation like a pandemic, people are looking for ways to make money online. But most of them just are aware of few ways to make money online. But an authentic & passive way to make money online is blogging. By blogging, you can make a lot of money to secure your future. So, let’s find about blogging. 

What is a blog?

A blog is an informational website where visitors can read anything published on that specific blog. It’s a platform where writers or groups of writers share their ideas about any special topic. People search that particular topic with different ways to get help related to that topic. There are many types of blogs. We can Shed light on these terms. Popular types of blogs. 

  •  Event blog 
  •  Fashion blog
  •  News blog
  •  Travel blog
  •  Sports blog 
  •  Music blog 
  •  Lifestyle blog 
  •  Fitness blog 
  •  Health blog 
  •  Or infect we can make a blog on any niche or selected topic.

Before creating a blog, what’s you need to know?

Before creating the blog, you must know your audience. This means you must have to run a survey to get ideas to start blogging. This is the main task if you collect enough info that you able to know which type of content that your audience want. If you know about it believe me you can grow faster as compared to others. 

How to start Blogging? Minimum Requirements!

 Now let’s talk about how you can start your blog to make money. There’s many CMS (content management system) to manage a blog just like WordPress, blogger, Wix, etc. But the most popular is blogger & WordPress. It depends upon you which one do you want to use. Requirements: To start blogging, you need a website on any CMS. The best platform is WordPress. It’s easy to use. You can manage via plugins. For a website, you need a domain name & hosting. 

Domain name: 

Everyone needs a name for their website it’s known as a domain name. This is compulsory if you want to create a blog other than Blogger CMS. In blogger, you can get your custom domain name but in actual you’re getting their subdomain name, like news.blogspot.com. Here blogspot.com is the main domain & if you put anything before it then it becomes a subdomain. It’s made difference in ranking purpose. 



In starting, if you’ve done your survey homework then you must have an idea about your traffic. This helps you to buy good hosting. It’s all about depends upon your traffic. If you think your traffic, not in the thousand then you need to buy a starter package. After investing small money, you need to design professionally. If you’re a web developer then it’s for you but if you don’t know then you need to find a developer to design a website for you. 

After creating a blog, what’s the next step? 

After creating a professional blog, you need to write articles on your niche to get approval from Google AdSense. You’re at the doorstep of online earning via blog. You’ve to read Google AdSense policies to meantime your web so that Google shows ads on your site & in return for ads you’ll be able to make money online. As in begging, there’s a small amount of traffic on your site but with time, it’s growing rapidly. As your traffic goes up, your AdSense revenue boosts. Now In that step, you’re depending upon your traffic & its location. This is the way that you can make money from blogs & people trying hard to get it. 


It’s easy to start a blog & get approval but to make money from AdSense is the hard step in the start. Because you depend upon on your traffic & traffic grows when you post daily any article. This is the major problem that most bloggers can’t post an article daily so that why they lose all the gained traffic. To become a successful blogger, you’ve to make sure to post daily a new article so that your traffic can get engagement with your content. It’s an effort of few years but when you grow properly then in my opinion you can earn a minimum of 100$ per day. This is the complete procedure to make money from blogging.


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